Perry’s Place Moves to North Hollywood!

After nearly 9 years in a Van Nuys rental home, Heaven on Earth and its 140+ feline residents relocated in March to a spectacular new sanctuary. It’s named Perry’s Place, The Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary in memory of Seth and Rachael MacFarlane’s mother, Perry “Per” MacFarlane, a lifelong animal friend and advocate.  Our cage-less, no-kill facility provides home to cats awaiting adoption, others living temporarily in our isolation room as part of our Heaven Can Wait Program, and still more whose special needs, chronic health issues or age make it likely that Perry’s Place will be their forever home.

The new North Hollywood location contains 5,500 square feet of interior space, compared to 2,400 total square feet at the property we rented since 2004. Not only that, but we’ve been able to design and build the new Perry’s Place specifically to meet our goals and the needs of the cats in our care. Key features include the following:

  • 6 adoption rooms, which will enable our most adoptable cats, including those who are a bit shy, to “show” better to potential adopters than in a pet store cage
  • Rooms dedicated to special needs, senior and feral cats
  • 2 kitten rooms
  • A “get acquainted” room
  • Separate entrances for the public and our community partners
  • A lobby/reception area
  • Large isolation and quarantine rooms, which will support our Heaven Can Wait Program
  • A treatment/ nursery room—long term, we hope to have an onsite wellness clinic!
  • Food preparation and laundry rooms, separate from the cats’ space
  • A Community room, to be used for humane education programs, workshops and board meetings
  • An onsite caretaker’s apartment, to allow for 24/7 coverage
  • An office for our sanctuary staff and board members who fulfill staff roles
  • Lots of storage
  • New flooring and walls that will be attractive and easy to clean
  • Off street parking

Not only does the new Perry’s Place provide a healthy, safe, low maintenance, and loving environment for our cats, but it offers donors the opportunity to permanently name spaces in recognition of their support.

Now our challenge is to raise the money needed to pay off the loan on the property, fund the cost of the build out of the new sanctuary, and in the final phase, underwrite the cost of the exterior renovations. Please contact us if you want to learn more about making a gift to our No Cats Left Behind Campaign.