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Perry’s Place


Perry MacFarlane remembered

On July 16, 2011 – Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit animation series Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, paid tribute to his mother by teaming up with Heaven on Earth. Ann Perry MacFarlane, mother of Seth and Rachael MacFarlane, was a lifelong animal lover and a tireless rescuer. Over the course of her life, she cared for all manner of wild and domestic animals, ones that no one else would help. On the year anniversary of Perry’s death, Seth MacFarlane and Heaven on Earth announced the establishment of Perry’s Place — the Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary.

“This gift will at last enable our organization to purchase our own sanctuary property.
And there’s so much more we can do if we can put down roots.”
– Eri Kriteman, Heaven on Earth Founder

Heaven on Earth’s amazing new sanctuary

After nearly 9 years in the Van Nuys rental home, Heaven on Earth and its feline residents relocated in March of 2013 to a spectacular new sanctuary. It’s named Perry’s Place, The Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary, in memory of Perry “Per” MacFarlane, a lifelong animal friend and advocate. Our cage-less, no-kill facility contains 5,500 square feet of interior space! Not only that, but we were able to design and build Perry’s Place specifically to meet the needs of the cats in our care.

Key features include the following:
  • Several adoption rooms, which enable our adoptable cats, including those who are a bit shy, to show better to potential adopters
  • Rooms dedicated to special needs and senior cats
  • Rooms devoted entirely to kittens
  • A lobby/reception area
  • Large isolation and quarantine rooms, including a maternity ward for new moms and babies
  • A treatment room
  • Food preparation and laundry rooms
  • A community room, used for humane education programs, volunteer orientation, and meetings
  • An office for our sanctuary staff; and
  • An infirmary and expanded clinic space, for cats in need of medical treatment.

Not only does Perry’s Place provide a healthy, safe, low maintenance, and loving environment for our cats, but it offers donors the opportunity to permanently name spaces in recognition of their support.

We are continuing to raise the money needed to pay off the loan on the property, make improvements on our facility, and underwrite the cost of the exterior renovations.

“[Seth] MacFarlane’s generosity will not only allow us to purchase and build a new sanctuary and adoption center, it will allow us to continue our lifesaving work as Perry’s special legacy.”
– Ritchie Geisel, Heaven on Earth Board Chair

Our original plans

Visit Perry’s Place!

Perry’s Place is open to the public and to volunteers on Thursday’s and Friday’s from 3-8pm, as well as Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 1-6pm.