Adopt an adult or senior cat!

Everyone wants kittens. And no wonder. They are cute, full of energy, and fun to watch play and play with. During “kitten season” (which runs longer in temperate places like Los Angeles), adult cats in the shelters are often overlooked. Even cats who are still fairly young themselves tend to lose out to kittens, and that’s a shame.

Indoor cats can live a long time with good care and good genes. So, even if an adult cat is already 5 or 6 years of age, you can still look forward to more than a decade of love and affection. And don’t discount the possibility of a senior – a 10 or 12-year-old could enjoy a wonderful retirement as your devoted companion.

Kittens are precious, but they come with a very different set of needs. Remember, they’re still babies! They require much more attention and training than adults.

Your future relationship with a kitten will depend greatly on the time and investment you make early on. Their behaviors and personalities haven’t fully developed yet, so it’s hard to say how playful or cuddly they will be as they age. When you adopt an adult cat, however, you’ll have a better idea of personality and disposition… and you’ll be much better able to choose someone who will fit well with your household and lifestyle.

Municipal shelters and rescue organizations always have adult cats (of all ages) just waiting for someone to give them a loving home. Heaven on Earth is no exception… in fact, we may have even more adults than most! To learn more, call us at 818-474-2700 x2 or stop by any of our weekly adoption events!

Here are a few sweet cats looking for their forever homes!

And many more!

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The mission of Heaven on Earth Society for Animals is to improve quality of life for homeless cats, particularly those who have few other options or who may be overlooked because of low potential for adoption.