Alumni Tails: Abe

The road to the perfect forever home often isn’t easy. Or short. Or even direct. But it’s always worth the journey.

Adopt Abe today!Abe ended up at a city shelter early last August. He wasn’t in good shape – sick and underweight, with patches of fur missing from mange and a couple of teeth missing from who-knows-what. Six weeks later, 9-year-old Abe had won hearts of shelter staff and volunteers alike but no one had adopted him and time was running out. So in late September, Abe came to Heaven on Earth.

It was pretty clear Abe had once been in a home yet it was also clear he’d been fending for himself for quite some time. Remarkably, though, Abe seemed undaunted. He gamely accepted all his medical treatment and delighted in attention of any kind. And when he was deemed ready for adoption, he distinguished himself as the one cat who couldn’t wait for the chance to walk into a waiting carrier.

In March, he was almost adopted by a family who ultimately didn’t feel they could commit to keeping him inside; in June, he was adopted briefly by a couple who loved him but their resident cat didn’t. He did stints in residence at both the Tujunga Petsmart and the Santa Clarita Petsmart, winning friends and influencing people, but not enough to inspire an adoption.



Then in August, almost a year to the day he’d shown up at the city shelter, Abe caught the eye of the woman who would become his mom. She wasn’t really looking for another cat but after meeting Abe at the Van Nuys Petco, simply couldn’t get him off her mind. So she came to Perry’s Place to see him again.

We explained that his endearing snort was the result of long-term sinus damage but required no special accommodation beyond due diligence if he seemed under the weather. We talked about the importance of introducing him slowly to her other cats and ways to make that happen comfortably for all. And then when she asked if she could adopt him the following weekend, we said yes!

Hours after Abe moved into his Sherman Oaks condo, the photos started arriving. “He’s settling in!” Jeanne reported the next morning. A week later, the news was equally good – “The others have accepted him and it only took a couple of days. He wants to play…they’re not quite sure what to make of that, but I’m sure they’ll come around soon. They’re even able to share the bed.”

Now with the destination assured, Abe’s journey continues. “I have decided that I am changing his name,” wrote his mom last week, “…currently trying Joe or Joey to see if he likes it. Abe, to me, is an old man’s name and he is just so youthful.

“And he seems soooo happy to have a home!”




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The mission of Heaven on Earth Society for Animals is to improve quality of life for homeless cats, particularly those who have few other options or who may be overlooked because of low potential for adoption.