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Heaven on Earth rescued kitten Angel from a city shelter during the latter half of 2015. She was diagnosed with ringworm at the shelter, so we knew she needed immediate medical treatment upon arrival. Because ringworm is quite contagious, Angel was escorted to the Perry’s Place medical wing where she could remain safely isolated and receive treatment from our caretaker staff.

As soon as she had completed treatment in December, Angel made her way to our weekly adoption events. She immediately caught the attention of mother and daughter pair, Mary and Samantha, at Petco Van Nuys. They took one look at calm and serene Angel and knew she had to join their family.

Like many cats after a sudden change of environment, Angel was a bit of a picky eater when she first arrived at her new home.Her loving family tried different foods, contacted us for suggestions and, after a couple of days, Angel was eating like a champ!

Thanks to Mary and Samantha, Angel (now known as Emmy) settled into her forever home in time to start the new year with her caring and devoted family.

Mary recently updated us on Emmy’s life at home:

“Well…. we could not be any happier with Emmy. What a delightful addition to our family she is! First of all, she has definitely chosen my daughter Samantha as her ‘human.’ Although she snuggles with me occasionally, she follows my daughter from room to room, sleeps with her, and when she’s not getting Sammy’s attention she will jump from the floor all the way up to my daughter’s chest to get the snuggles she wants (see the video below). I have NEVER seen a cat so in love with a human before!

[youtube id=”M50jX0kZN6k” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&rel=0″ class=”aligncenter”][/youtube]

“I’ve also attached a photo of the two of them and a photo of Emmy enjoying what used to be just Oscar’s cat tree. Speaking of Oscar, this is a cat who is not mean to other animals, but for the most part remains detached from them. He was the one I was most worried about with this integration. And by golly, Emmy has won him over. To a certain extent I feel I’ve lost Oscar a little bit myself! LoL By that I mean that Oscar is a snuggler just like Emmy and he used to sleep with me and was always on my lap while I was watching TV. He loves human contact. But he is SO in love with Emmy! So much so that when they are awake they play with toys together, chase each other back and forth down the hallway, and wrestle together in the most adorable way, and they literally follow each other from room to room. When one is behind a closed door without the other they cry. BOTH OF THEM DO!



“We were worried about Emmy not eating the first 48 hours she was here but that has been rectified. She is eating both hard and soft food and is VERY vocal when she wants to eat and we like that about her. She has the cutest little meow that says “Please feed me NOW.”

“So know that Emmy has found her perfect home.”

Heaven on Earth has lots of cats and kittens still looking for their forever homes! If you are looking for someone special to be part of your family, please attend one of our weekly adoption events or contact us at to schedule a time to meet our cats.

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