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We are proud to present an Alumni Tail written by the alumna herself! Thank you, Baby Ruth, for taking the time to share your story!

Hi there,

I’m Baby Ruth. If you’ve ever been to Perry’s Place, we may have met as I’ve been with the kind people of Heaven on Earth almost my entire life. My siblings and I came to the old sanctuary when I was very young, not even a year old. We were a rambunctious bunch known as the ‘Candy Kittens’ because of our names…Rolo, Mike, Ike, and, of course, Baby Ruth. We were brought out to adoptions regularly and pretty soon all of my siblings found their fur-ever homes. Everyone except me. I don’t know what it was. Was it because I was black? Because I had a lot of energy? Who knows? I just figured that fate had decided that the sanctuary would be my fur-ever home. I was okay with that. While I didn’t necessarily have my own person, I at least got good food, clean litter, and sometimes had a person to play with.

When I was about five or so, the scariest time of my life happened. Apparently all of the hardworking people who took care of our sanctuary had managed to get a brand new sanctuary for all of the kitties. We didn’t know this at first. All we knew was that we were tossed into our travel compartments and put in a strange, unfamiliar place with a bunch of kitties we had never met. Once everything settled down and introductions were made amongst ourselves, we realized that our new digs were pretty awesome. It was much less crowded, had lots of nice shelves high on the walls to sit on and survey our new domain, toys and scratching posts, and best of all, private restrooms! Paradise! The only thing missing in our new room was a nice window to check out what was going on outside. I figured I’d have to do something about that. I mean, if this was going to be my fur-ever home, I had to have a window!

A little later, I had my chance. A lady came to visit our room and, listening in on the conversation, I realized that she was a kind donor to our sanctuary. I put on all of my cute charm and started romping around the room trying to point out that something was missing. Humans don’t always understand cat language, but I knew when the conversation turned to the missing window, I was on the right track. I bounced around the room more, doing my best to communicate with her. Then…bingo! She announced, “I’ll pay for the window…for Baby Ruth!” I had done it! We had a beautiful window added to our room and I was queen bee for a while as the others in my room were so grateful.

 20130604_130836             babyruth

Things settled into a routine and I got the chance to go to adoptions for a bit. I wasn’t very smart about it, though. I admit I was a bit intimidated by the noises and smells of the pet store. I’m a pretty bold, brassy girl, but that place is scary! I would cower the whole time I was there. Of course, once I got home safely, I would realize how silly I had been and would try to tell them that I really did want to go.

A couple years ago, a nice gentleman came in to the sanctuary. He wanted to adopt two kitties from my room and he picked me as one of them! I was a bit nervous, but excited at the same time. I had a new person of my own! He took us home and I admit our new place wasn’t very roomy, though I didn’t mind. I figured I had it made! A new person and a new roomie all to myself. Unfortunately, I guess they didn’t see it the same as I did. My roomie was very timid and didn’t like when I tried to play with her. Plus, the space in our home wasn’t quite enough for my playfulness. I mean, come on! I was a Candy Kitten! My name is Baby Ruth! Of course I had a sugar high! What else am I supposed to do with all of my energy? Twiddle my paws? At any rate, I came back to Perry’s Place and figured that was it. I was getting up there in years (I am 9 now!) and who would want to take home an older, black, slightly “neurotic” cat?

Well, I can now say that it is possible! A few months ago, one of the regular volunteers that I’ve known since I first came to the sanctuary so long ago decided to bring me home! I admit, I was very nervous and scared at first. I mean, I basically expected to be sent back at my first transgression. So I hid myself for the first month or so. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But my new person was very patient with me and talked kindly to urge me out of my cubby hole. And when I did come out, I learned that there was a lot of space for me to explore. I have two new roommates and two people of my very own, as well as a creature known as a “dog”. I was leery of this “dog” at first as I never knew of this species’ existence, but I’ve learned that he is harmless, if energetic and nosy at times.

     bb-ruth-potential-bio-pic    20161026_212845    20161030_234426

So I’ve settled in nicely to my new fur-ever home, learning the lay of the land and what I can do. I’ve explored the rest of the house and found a wonderful carpet covered tree by a window that lets me survey the goings on outside. I discovered that the house is infested with the same magical glowing red dot that showed up periodically at the sanctuary and I get my exercise chasing it. I’ve learned that I am sharing one of the people with the other black cat in the house, Xena. The other person belongs to my roommate, Pixie, who has not been very welcoming to me. If I just ignore her, though, we get along fine. In the past couple of weeks she hasn’t growled or hissed at all. Xena has been much more accepting of my presence (I think because we are sharing a person). In fact, the other night, while our person was settling into bed on her side, I decided to try laying against her. I settled in, her stomach making a nice pillow for my head and her legs a comfy backrest. I was so comfortable that I started purring and was rewarded with a cheek-rub from my person. Well, Xena came over to settle in to her usual spot under our person’s chin and saw me settled there. I wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with me so close, but after staring at me for a few minutes, she settled down in her usual spot and started purring as well! That was when I realized that I really do have a fur-ever home.

Thanks for reading,
Baby Ruth

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About the Author:

Now 9, Baby Ruth spent more than seven years at Heaven on Earth’s sanctuary until the perfect home came along. She now lives in Glendale with her feline sister, Xena, and a devoted mom who still lets her be the life of the party...within reason. Baby Ruth recently discovered her inner author, which only goes to show that we all have hidden talents awaiting life’s next chapter.