Alumni Tails: Karina


Finding Heaven on Earth

We were introduced to Karina at a city shelter last March. She was in one of the small cat rooms at East Valley, safely tucked away in a cubby and inclined to stay there. Eventually she emerged, but only after waiting for the normal shelter cacophony to quiet just a bit and deciding that our presence was neither threat nor trifle.

Karina was sweet and lovely but not likely to sell herself. Heaven on Earth needed to do that for her.

A Reserved and Ladylike Cat

Karina didn’t much like the bustle of adoption events but she was a good sport, allowing herself to be petted, conversing gamely with passers-by and politely hiding her disappointment when other cats were adopted and she was not.

The months passed and so did her one-year anniversary with us. And maybe that’s what did the trick. Because shortly thereafter, a young woman seeking a loving companion kitty came to our Saturday event at the Van Nuys Petco and was immediately drawn to the striking silver tabby.

Karina’s Big Day

Paperwork was completed, supplies were purchased, watches were synchronized and on a sunny April Tuesday, Karina left Perry’s Place for the last time, though she of course didn’t know it yet. But when she walked out of her carrier into a spacious bedroom with a hillside view, she realized pretty quickly that her fortunes had changed. In short order, she found her pretty pink bed, brand-new food and water dishes and her very own cat tree. Oh yes, and her very own mom, who sent us this note three weeks later:

“Karina has been doing a great job of adapting and getting comfortable in her new forever home. :) She has been a complete joy to me ever since she came into my life. I’m so glad that I chose such a wonderful organization to help me make it all possible. Here are some of my favorite photos of Karina. Again, thank you so much for helping me adopt my first feline companion!”
Karina, Heaven on Earth adoption success story 2015
Karina, adopted cat, rescue cat, 2015 success story

Save More Karinas

Finding homes for cats who need extra help requires a commitment of resources, both human and financial. Heaven on Earth receives no municipal support, and we rely entirely on private donations to support our rescue and adoption efforts…to save the cats and kittens who are counting on us for a second chance.

Please help us save more Karinas by making a donation today.

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The mission of Heaven on Earth Society for Animals is to improve quality of life for homeless cats, particularly those who have few other options or who may be overlooked because of low potential for adoption.