Alumni Tails: Seamore


Louis, Kimberly, Seamore and Lauren

Kimberly and Louis came across Heaven on Earth at one of our weekly adoption events at PetSmart Tujunga. The couple had been considering adopting a cat to befriend their 4-year-old cat, Reggie, who had a few diva-like tendencies. After talking with volunteers and meeting a few of the cats-in-residence at PetSmart Tujunga, Kimberly and Louis decided to schedule an appointment at Perry’s Place so they could meet all of our adoptable adult cats.

After learning more about Reggie’s personality, we had a feeling Seamore would be a perfectly docile companion who would let Reggie be the boss. When we led Kimberly, Louis and Erin (Kimberly’s mom) into his, Seamore immediately began rubbing all available legs, giving everyone head butts and playing string with Louis. “This is our cat!” exclaimed an excited Kimberly. From that moment on, she only had eyes for the 8-year-old FIV+ love bug.

Seamore was one of the last five shelter cats remaining at the end of the NKLA super adoption weekend last May. Heaven on Earth rescued all five, two of whom turned out to be FIV+ and quickly became staff and volunteer favorites in the Boom Boom Room* at Perry’s Place.

Within hours of adopting Seamore, Kimberly updated us:

“Seamore has already made himself at home in my room! He’s such a sweetheart. Thank you so much, he’s perfect!



“We’re the lucky ones to have him! He is absolutely adorable. We love him already. Thank you for matching him with us.”

Kimberly, Louis and Erin committed to a proper and slow cat-to-cat introduction between Reggie and Seamore, keeping the two cats separated in different rooms. The two cats didn’t even see each other face-to-face for few weeks. After about a month of settling in and acclimating to his new environment, Kimberly updated us once more:

“Seamore and Reggie have officially met now. He absolutely could not care any less that there’s another cat in this house; it’s amazing. Reggie was curious and still follows him around whenever they’re in the same room. No fights, no aggression, not even any hissing from Reggie. I’m glad we took the intro slowly. Seamore has free run of the whole house but always ends up back in our bedroom – it’s his favorite.”



Heaven on Earth has many adult cats and cats with special needs looking for forever homes. If you are looking for someone extra special to join your family, visit one of our weekly adoption events or contact to schedule an appointment at Perry’s Place!

To learn more about FIV, check out this great page on Best Friends’ website!

*The Boom Boom Room is named in memory of Boom Boom MacFarlane, beloved cat of Rachael MacFarlane, who called him “proof positive that an FIV+ cat can live long with love.” Boom Boom was 21 when he crossed to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2014.

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