About Anita Kay

Anita has been a Heaven on Earth volunteer since 2005, and has worn many hats in that time. She has been part of the adoptions team, helped with event planning, worked as one of the SOS contributors, and spent lots of time ooh-ing and aah-ing over all the kitties, (which any kitty would tell you is her most important job!)

Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Jordan

Greg Jordan has been a volunteer with Heaven on Earth since 2013, but before he discovered his love of cats, he had, and still has, a passion for cars. When you think about it a little more, his life with cars has been excellent training for his life with cats...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kristi Musser

Kristi Musser does not want to be in the spotlight. She’d rather be anywhere else than sitting in a chair being asked questions. After all, what she does at Perry’s Place is not about her. It’s about the cats. Let me state that again…it's ALL about the cats. It is with great thanks to Kristi that she has taken a moment to talk about her favorite topic.

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Kuranda Top Ten from Shadow’s Haven!

After very successfully raising enough to buy the Cherry Kitten Room a Kuranda, we’re at it again! This time, we’re raising funds for the stunning seniors in Shadow’s Haven. We just need 18 pledges of $10! Stop by Perry’s Place to pledge or donate $10 online! (Just mention Shadow’s Haven Kuranda in the donation comments) […]

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Our new kitten Kuranda!

What is a Kuranda cat tower? Ask a human and you’ll hear, “It’s a durable tower that’s easy to clean and provides cats with lots of climbing and sleeping spaces!” Ask a cat and you’ll hear, “It’s Heaven! Purrrrr…” That’s why the cutie-pie kittens of the Cherry Kitten Room put one on their wish list. (Coincidentally, the humans at Heaven on Earth put one on their wish list, too!) […]

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