About Liz Pashley

Liz Pashley is the foster coordinator for Best Friends Animal Society - Los Angeles and volunteers weekly with the cats at Heaven on Earth. She originally hails from the east coast, where she began volunteering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston over 5 years ago. She is the proud owner of three adopted cats and runs a cat-centric blog at alcoholcats.com.

No Cats Under the Bed: Socializing a Shy or Fearful Cat

For a shy or under-socialized cat, the world can be a scary place. If a cat feels threatened by the world around them (even if these threats are imagined), they can quickly withdraw from social activities and spend all day hiding under the bed or in a closet. What we want is for these cats to gain confidence and claim (or reclaim) ownership of their indoor territory. Working with a shy/fearful cat takes time and patience, [...]

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