About Pamela Geisel

Described by a family member as “fluent in cat,” Pam worked in outreach, public relations and nonprofit marketing for more than 25 years before throwing herself full-time into animal rescue in 2009. She currently serves as Heaven on Earth’s intake and adoptions director and says each day in rescue is a balancing act with countless lives hanging in the balance.

Alumni Tails: Arby

It was mid-February when we first laid eyes on the two-year-old gray cat. He was cowering in a cage in the observation room at East Valley Shelter, having arrived there in a trap several days earlier, too fractious even for a basic medical exam. Yet something in his eyes said he’d known people once upon a time. It also said an awful lot had happened to him since then.

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Keep our cats cool!

We mean that literally. Because the A/C unit that serves the middle portion of Perry’s Place picked the worst possible time to go on the fritz. It suddenly ground to a halt during this month’s record-breaking heat wave, sending temperatures in our Isolation and Maternity Rooms soaring. […]

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The Maternity Room

Kitten Season. It sounds almost fun. Time again for cute little bundles of furry joy, full of promise and wonder and You Tube potential. But the reality isn’t so warm and fuzzy. Kitten season floods municipal shelters with thousands of tiny lives too young to survive on their own and without safe places to go, many of those lives are cut short. […]

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Alumni Tails: Ganon & Navi

Kittens Ganon and Navi (from Heaven on Earth’s Legend of Zelda litter) went to their Sherman Oaks home in mid-October after new parents Kandace and Nick fell in love at a local adoption event. […]

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Alumni Tails: Hershey & Dove

New mom Camille sent a wonderful message after adopting kittens Hershey and Dove: “My husband and I adopted Hershey and Dove a few weeks ago. We changed their names to Zoe and Zelda (a reference to the cartoon Bojack Horseman). If Zelda weren’t a full pound lighter than Zoe, it would be difficult to tell them apart as they’re nearly identical. […]

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Alumni Tails: Lyneth

For this Alumni Tail, we’ll let Lyneth’s new mom do all the talking: “Lyneth’s name has changed to Gypsy. We decided that was a good fit for her since she can’t stay in one place for very long! She is loving her new home and is now very comfortable. […]

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Alumni Tails: Kahne

Cat seeking cat When we met CJ at the Van Nuys Petco last April, she was searching for a companion for her cat, Moo. Adding a new member to the family is a big decision to make, but we’re glad she did. It’s wonderful to adopt to a person so in-tune with her animal’s needs and so willing to improve multiple lives. […]

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