Thank you, Top Notch Blankets!

We met sisters Jenny and Shelley Mark from Top Notch Blankets at the 2015 Race for the Rescues. They generously sent us home with some spectacular blankets for Perry's Place cats and kittens, which we put to work at our very next adoption event.

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Keep our cats cool!

We mean that literally. Because the A/C unit that serves the middle portion of Perry’s Place picked the worst possible time to go on the fritz. It suddenly ground to a halt during this month’s record-breaking heat wave, sending temperatures in our Isolation and Maternity Rooms soaring. […]

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Perry’s Place opens to the public!

On April 29, we held a formal rededication to celebrate opening the Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary to the public! This milestone was made possible by the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as the extraordinary support of Best Friends, and will enable Heaven on Earth to save even more lives in the years ahead. […]

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The Maternity Room

Kitten Season. It sounds almost fun. Time again for cute little bundles of furry joy, full of promise and wonder and You Tube potential. But the reality isn’t so warm and fuzzy. Kitten season floods municipal shelters with thousands of tiny lives too young to survive on their own and without safe places to go, many of those lives are cut short. […]

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