Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Jordan

This is the next in a series featuring a number of our volunteers, whose dedication and commitment help make Perry’s Place a heaven on earth for hundreds of cats each year.

greg-2010Greg Jordan has been a volunteer with Heaven on Earth since 2013, but before he discovered his love of cats, he had, and still has, a passion for cars. When you think about it a little more, his life with cars has been excellent training for his life with cats. Both have four wheels to motor about, both purr when “in their groove,” both need food and regular tune-ups to keep them running smoothly. And both need abundant devotion and love…of which Greg has plenty of both!

We have Greg’s significant other, Barbara, to thank for helping him along the path to finding Heaven on Earth. Barbara, a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society at Heritage Junction, told Greg in January 2013 that he needed to volunteer in the community. Yeah, Barbara! Greg went on the internet, typed in “Volunteer in Santa Clarita” and voila! Up came Heaven on Earth. Greg next sent an email which was promptly answered by then-volunteer coordinator, Melissa Godlash, who invited him to attend the next volunteer orientation. While chatting with Greg at orientation, Melissa suggested he stop by the PetSmart in Santa Clarita where adoption director Pamela Geisel just happened to be on site for their weekly adoption event. Isn’t it great how things fall into place? It didn’t take Greg long to integrate into the adoption crew. At first Greg volunteered at adoption events once every four weeks. Then once every three weeks. And then he decided that every other week would be just fine!

After a couple of adoption events, Greg decided he wanted to adopt too! He started with two cats — Blondie and Jane — in early 2013, added Tammy in November 2013 and decided Coco had to be part of his family in late 2014. As Greg said, “these are my kids.”









Greg adopted Blondie and Jane together so each would have a friend. Blondie is the more outgoing of the two, with Jane being more of a quiet girl. And while Jane may be quiet, she sure likes the view from above as she spends half her time on top of the fridge – she even likes to sleep there too! Greg met Coco at one of our adoption events. A shy gal at the sanctuary, twelve-year-old Coco came out of her shell (oh boy did she!) when she found her forever home. Much to the chagrin of her sister kitties, they found that Coco’s favorite pastime is chasing them through the house! In an effort to keep all parties happy, Greg occasionally institutes “Coco-Free Time” where Coco gets a room all to herself and the rest of her kitty family can relax or take a nap on Greg’s laptop. (Guess one “lap” is as good as another!) Also, in November 2015, Barbara adopted the “love of her life,” Tiger, from Perry’s Place, too!

Greg knows more about cats now than ever before, but he knows a thing or two about cars, too! Scratch that… he knows A LOT about cars! Greg was an auto mechanic early on in his career. He was also an amateur drag racer and has raced on all the speedway tracks across Southern California. How cool is that?!? He partnered with Mike McCloskey and their race car is in the NHRA Motorsports Museum at the Fairplex in Pomona – the “McCloskey & Jordan’s Flathead Drag Racer.” It was also featured on an episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” and Greg got to hang out in Leno’s actual garage! Truly a dream come true for an automobile fan. Being so involved in cars makes it a natural fit that Greg owns an auto parts store – Bouquet Auto Parts in Saugus – with his business partner being a perfect match in running the store together.

When he’s not talking cats or cars, Greg likes to golf. Which makes it very convenient that his home away from home — a condo in Montana near Glacier National Park — is on a golf course! His brother also lives near his Montana getaway, so it makes for a nice family reunion each September when Greg gets away from all the hustle and bustle of California.

When asked his opinion of volunteering, Greg’s immediate response is “What are you waiting for?” He considers this one of the most significant things he’s done in his life. And that’s saying a lot when you have a car named after you in a museum! But it’s the experience of seeing cats find their forever homes that Greg finds most rewarding. The highlight of his volunteering has been adopting Starlord to a woman, Carolyn, at one of the weekly PetSmart adoption events. He handled it from beginning to end. Nurturing the start of a lifelong bond between human and cat is very emotional and oh-so worth it. As Greg notes, to find the cat that “fits” well with the person is incredibly rewarding. “Heaven on Earth is a great place to find a cat – especially now that Perry’s Place is open to the public.”

Thank you, Greg, for being part of our family at Heaven on Earth!

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About the Author:

Anita has been a Heaven on Earth volunteer since 2005, and has worn many hats in that time. She has been part of the adoptions team, helped with event planning, worked as one of the SOS contributors, and spent lots of time ooh-ing and aah-ing over all the kitties, (which any kitty would tell you is her most important job!)