Adoptable Cats: Maggie and Tyger

They seem an unlikely pair: she’s a gentle princess from uptown and he’s a downtown tomcat with attitude. But they have something in common — something that doesn’t usually bode well for companionship.






You see, Maggie tested positive for feline leukemia (FeLV), a viral infection that affects her immune system and can eventually cause cancer. It isn’t contagious to humans but can fairly easily be spread to other cats — through grooming, using the same litter box, sharing food and water dishes. As a result, Maggie found herself in temporary isolation, where she often mewed herself to sleep. And she began to think it would always be that way.

Tyger used his cat-sense to stay alive, but life on the streets was tough and scary and dangerous. He, too, ended up in isolation at Perry’s Place after testing positive for the feline leukemia virus. And he figured he was destined to live alone as well. He took it in stride, to be sure, but his heart longed for a companion.

Two cats with the same condition, each needing a friend? If not a match made in heaven, it was certainly one made at Heaven on Earth!

Now these two are sharing their space and enjoying their time together. The have good food, favorite toys and occasional treats. They welcome the petting and attention they receive from volunteers and caregivers alike, but something is still missing.

Maggie and Tyger need to be the only cats in their household. They also need regular vet check-ups and if they seem under the weather, a vet visit sooner rather than later is important. Most of all, they need what everyone needs: love.

If you think you could open your heart and home to Maggie and Tyger, we’d love to hear from you. There’s a purr-fect ending to this tale of star-crossed kitties and we know there’s someone out there who can help us write it!

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For more information about feline leukemia virus, please visit the Best Friends website.

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