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What is a Meowlentine?

A Meowlentine is a very special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – cat person style! We have two different options to spread a little love, while helping cats in need:

Option 1: Send a Meowlentine to a Perry’s Place cat. That’s right! It’s a fact* that cats enjoy receiving Meowlentines as much as humans. Choose any cat at Perry’s Place, and they will get a special Meowlentines heart personalized from you posted on their door.

Option 2: Send a Meowlentine to a human. We will send a purrrsonalized Meowlentine e-card via email on Valentine’s Day to your spouse, significant other, friends, family, coworkers, favorite Starbucks barista… anyone with an email address!

How do I send one?

Each Meowlentine is $10, or 3 for $25. All you have to do is visit our donation page and fill it out. We will ask who the Meowlentine is for and their email address (if they are human).

Can I send more than one?

Heck yes! You can donate any amount on our donation form, but it has space for 3 recipients’ information. If you have more than 3, all you have to do is email the additional names to

What if I want to use PayPal? Or send a check? 

That’s great! If you are using PayPal, just include the name of your recipient and email address in the notes section. The same for Venmo.

All checks can be sent to: Heaven on Earth, 7342 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood CA 91605. In order to make sure we get your information in time, please just send an email to to let us know how many Meowlentines you are getting and who they are for.

I want to send a Meowlentine to a cat, but I don’t know any of them very well. 

First, on behalf of that special cat, thank you!

You can meet some of our residents online here. We will also be introducing some of our sanctuary cats via social media so that they can get some Meowlentines so stay tuned to those posts. Lastly, you can list “caretaker’s choice” and a member of our caretaking staff will choose the lucky cat to receive your Meowlentine.

I don’t know or want to give you my human recipient’s email address. What do I do?

That’s cool! We understand the importance of privacy. Just put in your own email address and we will send the Meowlentine to your email so you can forward it to your human!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Toni DeCristoforo at

*We actually have no real evidence to back up the fact that cats like valentines, Valentine’s Day or anything that is pink.