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Our Mission

The mission of Heaven on Earth Society for Animals is to transform the lives of homeless cats through rescue, sanctuary, and new beginnings.

We fulfill our mission by:
  • The Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary, our Cage-free, No-kill Facility. Cats who are with us temporarily awaiting adoption as well as longer-term residents receive quality care and lots of love at our North Hollywood sanctuary, known affectionately as Perry’s Place.
  • Adoption Program. Mobile adoption events are held each weekend at several area pet stores. Perry’s Place is now open to potential adopters Thursday-Sunday afternoons as well.
  • SpayShip Transport Service. Working in conjunction with FixNation, a low cost spay/neuter clinic, SpayShip provides free transportation and trapping assistance for community and companion cats in targeted San Fernando Valley zip codes.
  • Community Outreach. Referral, guidance, support and humane education are central to everything we do, and while we cannot rescue every cat in need, we do respond to each inquiry we receive from people seeking to help them.

The Heaven on Earth team

Heaven on Earth has come a long way in its 15 years, and the team continues to change and grow.

The Heaven on Earth Board consists of 11 individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping our great cause. They lead our team of volunteers and manage weekly adoption events in four locations, take daily care of the sanctuary, and run outreach programs like our SpayShip program.

Meet our board members

2016 Heaven on Earth Board Members

Front row: Monika Zimaniova, Suzanne Lofland, Ritchie Geisel, Robin Wohlford, Matt Vance. Back row: Lisa Medwid, Sue Boling, Pamela Geisel, Jennifer Parsignault, Melissa Godlash, John Gregory.

Heaven on Earth History

Modest Beginnings

Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, founded in February of 2000 by Eri Cronkhite, began with a dream and the determination to make it happen. Inspired by a goal to end the senseless suffering and destruction of homeless animals due to the overpopulation crisis, Eri developed an adoptions program for rescued strays and focused efforts on spay-neuter services.

And then came the phone call.

Five kittens survived an accident involving collapsed pipes at a plumbing supply lot. They were feral and afraid of people, so no one else would take them in. Their chances of adoption were slim but Eri knew they were five little lives that deserved a chance to be safe, healthy and loved.

That’s how our sanctuary was born. Heaven on Earth became a haven for special needs animals with no place else to go. Feral, disabled, sick or elderly – we were there to take them in.

Eri Chronkite, Founder of Heaven on Earth

Eri Chronkite, Founder

Making a home for those in need

Our first sanctuary was a converted three-car garage in Eri’s Newbury Park home. In April, 2004 we moved to a larger, brighter, rental home in Van Nuys, but we quickly filled the 2,400 square feet with our operation. At any given time, we were housing nearly 150 cats. Some were long-term residents, some were quarantined for other rescue groups, and most cats were ready to be adopted into homes of their own.

After nearly 9 years in the Van Nuys rental home, Heaven on Earth and its feline residents relocated in March of 2013 to a spectacular new sanctuary. It’s named Perry’s Place, The Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary, in memory of Perry “Per” MacFarlane, a lifelong animal friend and advocate. Our new cage-less, no-kill facility contains 5,500 square feet of interior space! Not only that, but we’ve been able to design and build Perry’s Place specifically to meet the needs of the cats in our care.

Currently Heaven on Earth provides home to up to 180 cats – many awaiting adoption, others living temporarily in our isolation room, and still more whose special needs, chronic health issues or age make it likely that our sanctuary will be their forever home.

To learn more about Perry’s Place and what makes it so special to us, click here!