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Christmas IN JULY


 Every day, local shelters are becoming even more overcrowded in Los Angeles. Not only has the need for rescue increased but so have our expenses, due to supply issues and transportation costs.
We have fallen behind due to the past several years of the pandemic and the increased need for animal welfare. So we need your help!

Heaven on Earth is uniquely able to take in cats and kittens most at risk for euthanasia, and we have not stopped rescuing these sweet kitties that deserve a second chance.

Unfortunately, we cannot continue at this rate. Without your help, we will need to begin limiting intake as early as September. Limiting intake would hurt the local shelters and community, so we are working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

That’s why the cats need your help now.

Will you make a gift today so we can ensure no cats get left behind?

Christmas in July Goal: $25,000