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5 kittens dumped


Perry’s Place staff and volunteers have been working day in and out to care for our current capacity of 124 cats and kittens.

But what’s 5 more to add to the group? 😒

On Sunday, we had a box of kittens illegally dumped on our doorstep.

5 gorgeous, lovely, adorable orange babies who are absolutely terrified of their new surroundings.

We need your help. 💙

That’s 5 more kittens who need their round of vaccinations. 5 more kittens who need to be spayed/neutered. 5 more kittens who need to be fed.

BIG thank you to the volunteers and fosters who have already stepped up to help these kitties.

Any support you can provide would go a long way. Thank you!! 🐾

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